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EMV® and NFC Contactless Payments
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EMV® and NFC Contactless Payments


EMV® stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the credit card behemoths who dominate the sector and developed the global standard for chip-based security. An EMV chip is the small, square computer chip embedded in your credit and debit cards and you "Insert or dip" than "swipe" at the register these days. These chips are able to create a unique transaction code for each purchase. If someone tries to steal this code, it is worthless because it is valid for a single use.

EMV cards are designed to prevent counterfeit credit card fraud, which can be a problem with traditional magnetic strip cards. The data on that magnetic strip could be copied very easily and used within hours at other business locations, with minimal opportunity to stop. The victim’s cards are used few times before they become aware and report their misuse.

In 2015, credit card and data breaches climbed all the way compromising over a billion records. The majority of that fraud happened within United States borders. 49% of cross-border fraud happened within the U.S. too. America’s slow adoption of EMV chip cards was blamed for that too. When EU deployed credit card chip technology, their counterfeit fraud rates declined by 72%. Now that the U.S. has, at last, made the transition, fraud dropped 76% due to this Chip upgrade.

NFC payments are contactless payments that use near-field communication (NFC) technology to exchange data between readers and payment devices like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Each card has a contactless NFC chip and radio frequency (RFID) antenna, which is why they’re sometimes called RFID credit cards or RFID chip credit cards.

When you’re shopping with a contactless card you waive it over the terminal, the NFC chips card uses radio frequencies and a one-time code to complete the transaction. The checkout is lightning-fast, encrypted and both convenient and secure. No swiping of a magnetic stripe, and no insertion of a chip. Payments are encrypted and highly secure.

With one of our state-of-the-art terminals, you will be able to accept all EMV®, NFC -Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB cards for payment as well as private label and smart cards.

SagarATM credit card processing services are available to merchants of all sizes in virtually every business sector, including retail, restaurants, mail order/telephone order, e-Commerce, supermarkets/multi-lane, hotel/lodging and petroleum/convenience store.

We are a full service processor providing our clients with in-house 24/7 customer service and technical support. Although we provide a wealth of standard credit card processing services we also have a variety of customized solutions to fit any businesses requirements


Whether you are a Restaurant, Salon, Convenience store etc., we can provide your business with an array of Point of sale, Terminal solutions. We customize processing solutions per your requirements such as Tips, Servers, Inventory, Loyalty, Gift cards etc.

Mail Order & Telephone Order

We can easily help you establish merchant accounts for your telephone orders and card-not-present transactions in which they never take physical possession of the customer's credit card require a special merchant account. Most credit card companies use special criteria to assess risk and have a different fee structure for these types of accounts.

Ecommerce Merchant Solutions

Processing credit cards over the Internet is one of the fastest growing segments of transactions today. We have exciting programs at SagarATM for all your merchants needs from brochure websites for the merchant who only wants a web presence with basic information to full e-commerce sites and virtual terminals for the merchant who will hand key transactions online as opposed to having a piece of hardware.

Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Business is a fast growing sector of the payment processing industry including business to government. We can provide your merchants with the correct programs at SagarATM for accepting business cards and purchasing cards in the most cost effective way. Purchasing cards require specific terminals and programs downloaded.

Wireless/ Mobile Merchant Account

Accept credit cards anywhere, anytime with a wireless merchant account. Whether you have a service business that works at your customer's location or if you take your retail business on the road, wireless processing is an easy and cost-effective way to accept credit cards wherever your customers happen to be.